ROIL is produced and distributed by Two Silver Denarii, LLC, a company founded on the firm belief that playing games with actual people is good for a person. It builds the infrastructure of their brain with abstract and strategic thinking, its social nature reinforces communication skills and social awareness, and it usually requires math.

So yes, the game is fun, but in its own devious way were trying to make people exercise their mental muscles.
Secondly, it’s a family affair. Everyone contributes and everyone has a role in bringing projects to life.

It may also seem strange that a company that produces a game that incites devious play has at its root a desire to be charitable, but there it is. People are strange.

We have to the keep the lights on, but 2% of net profits, i.e. after we pay our bills, are donated to charitable purpose with the hope that we are fulfilling the following incitement:

“…love [is not] content with barely working no evil to our neighbor. It continually incites us to do good: as we have time, and opportunity, to do good in every possible kind, and in every possible degree to all men.”
–Rev. John Wesley, 1799

Dr. P.T. Zero