Roil is a game about turmoil. But it's family friendly. We promise.
Meet the game

A secret cabal and pernicious fate…


Sounds like family game night!

2-5 Players

Roil can be played with one or up to four other players.

Family Fun

Roil has a recommend play age is just 10 years old.


Five Generations. Two years of design. Fun forever.

Fast Games

The average round of Roil only takes up to 20 minutes.


Created on our table. Funded by Kickstarter. Played on your table.

Love of the game

Roil was designed by players… for players. From our table to yours.

Roil is truly a fun game to play – simple and yet many depths. I look forward to playing it again!

Matt Williams

Steam Kitty Games

I’m intrigued but not sold. So how do you play?

Build and Destroy Courts

Rule and conquer.

Each hand of Roil begins with the players being dealt five cards. On each subsequent turn, the players draw three additional cards and then may take any of the following actions.


Add followers to their court by matching colors and rank


Use a SHADOW card to steal card from another player's court


Play a FATE card to remove the target from the Court.

Each player’s turn ends when they discard to no more than five cards in their hand and play passes to the left. The hand ends when someone completes their court.

Meet the Cards.

Now i'm really intrigued... Let's see more!

I'm in! Take my Money!